Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hold The Phone...

Did anybody notice...

...that the roasted chicken and roasted pork recipes were sort of similar? Let me break it down:

When roasting, the garlic/thyme/rosemary trilogy is a fail-safe. It goes great on almost anything.

They key in the pork recipe was the marinade. The addition of wine (or a vinegar) actually started breaking down the pork before we stuck it in the oven. It really permeated the meat and infused it with great flavor. This also helps in the 'juicy and tender' department. The herbaceous crust adds a little more bang for your buck. You could marinate boneless-skinless chicken breasts in the same manner with great results.

With the chicken, the oil was infused with the spices. When cooking bone-in chicken with the skin on, it's really important to use a fat (like oil or butter) to crisp the skin. Otherwise, you're going to end up with rubbery skin which isn't very appetizing. I prefer to cook chicken this way because the skin and the bone actually help keep the chicken from drying out.

I have so many more great roasting recipes to come, but if you're just getting interested I'd encourage you to try these methods. Feel free to e-mail if there are any more questions!

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